Mobilizing diaspora commitment to revitalizing education.

Currently, it is estimated that about 15 million Nigerians are in the Diaspora. An appreciable percentage of this figure are qualified young professionals and students, many of whom have distinguished themselves in their various fields of endeavor. Data from the Central Bank of Nigeria shows that Nigeria’s diaspora remittances in 2021 hit $20 billion. This is like 56% of the $35.66 billion annual budget for the year 2021. This clearly shows the immense contribution of Nigerians in the diaspora to the development of the country, and most importantly to alleviating the socio-economic hardship experienced by vulnerable people.

For diaspora commitment to make a meaningful difference in changing the landscape of their impact, there would have to be a need for structured means of ongoing conversations and inclusive engagement, most importantly at an individual level, on key issues of national development. Depending on which area of social issues you are interested in contributing to advancing its cause, be it maternal health, education, youth development, out-of-school children, widows, disaster response, youth unemployment etc., a structured means of engagement should exist at all levels – community, local government, state and national, and through possible platforms e.g. youth groups, churches, mosques, progressive unions, old students association etc.

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