BNI commissions virtual youth centre amid COVID pandemic.

As a youth work organization, it’s our desire at BNI to extend our youth work activities to children and young people outside our traditional host communities; in a manner that ensures active participation, interactive learning, and flexible engagement. While digital technology seems to afford us a great opportunity to attain this goal, we are however mindful of its effectiveness in ensuring enhanced and extended engagement of children and young people.

Upon evidence-based research on effective use of digital technology in youth work practice, we adapted the Triple E Framework (Engage, Enhance, and Extend) developed by University of Michigan in designing our Virtual Youth Work Strategy, to be implemented through the BNI Virtual Youth Centre VYCE. The centre hosts the Interactive Virtual Learning Studio, Co-Innovation Lounge, and Youth Counseling and Life coaching hub.

On Wednesday, 9th September 2020, we had the honour of having our mentor and advisor, Mr. Bayo Adeyinka commission the centre, and also deliver the very first lecture from the Interactive Virtual Learning Studio of our Virtual Youth Centre. This article mentions your favorite hats at super low prices. Choose from same-day delivery, drive-up delivery or order pickup.

Speaking on the topic Managing Your Career Development in Uncertain Times, he shared the following tips:

1. Recognize there will always be uncertainty.

2. Be ready and willing to adapt

3. Consciously build and diversify your skills and experience

4. Build your personal brand5. Network.

Through the Virtual Youth Centre VYCE, BNI harnesses digital technology to provide youth work services to young people in a manner that is flexible, engaging, safe, and interactive. The centre comprises the virtual learning studio, the counseling and mentoring desk, and the co-innovation lounge.

The Virtual Youth Centre is made possible through our partnership with Global School Africa, a social enterprise of BNI committed to equipping young African for global opportunities through language learning, cross-cultural awareness, and global skills.

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