Apply: 2022 LifePAD Summer Academy

Applications are now open for teenagers (secondary school students) to participate in the 2021 LifePAD Summer Academy from Monday 28th August to Friday 8th September 2023.

Life Preparatory Academy for Development (LifePAD) is a values learning and life skills summer academy for teenagers aged 11-17 years. LifePAD is committed to educating, empowering, and engaging young people in personal development activities that aim to promote values learning and soft skills acquisition towards enhancing their sustainable livelihood as they transition into adulthood.

With structured programs that take into cognizance, the need for moral excellence, leadership development, skills acquisition, entrepreneurship, and sustainable livelihood; LifePAD exists to provide holistic personal development services for young people. The Academy offers a rare opportunity for young people to discover and pursue their life goals while empowering their passion, potential, and skills.


The focus of 2022 LifePAD Summer Academy:

The theme for this year academy is Amplifying Adolescents’ Voices & Civic Participation Through Digital Literacy. To be future-ready for their roles in personal development, employability, civic engagement, community development, and national/global leadership, adolescents need to be digitally literate.

While discussing and planning this year’s Summer Academy, one critical question that comes to our mind at Building Nations Initiative is how to empower adolescent children for active digital citizenship and community life participation while exposing them to valuable digital skills.


What is Digital Literacy and why do adolescent children need them?

Digital Literacy is having the skills that are necessary to live, grow, and make a positive impact in a community where “communication and access to information is increasingly through digital technologies like internet platforms, social media, and mobile devices,” according to Western Sydney University. If you are looking for bracelet. There’s something to suit every look, from body-hugging to structured, from cuffs to chain chain bracelet and cuffs.

It’s a digital world and adolescents are exposed to technology every day – at home, in classrooms, at churches, and everywhere. 

Without diligent gate-keeping on the part of parents and institutional guardians, every child’s exposure to technology may be dangerous. 

Digital Literacy is beyond teaching coding or programming skills or “technical know-how. It refers to knowledge, skills and attitudes that allow children to be both safe and empowered in an increasingly digital world. This encompasses their play, participation, socializing, searching and learning through digital technologies,” says UNICEF.

It’s important to expose them to the right digital values that promote their safety and positive development early rather than leave them to the discovery when they get older. Building on the theme of LifePAD 2021 – Positive Youth Development Through Arts & Culture, we have therefore find it necessary and timely, considering the political landscape of our dear country, Nigeria, and other public concerns, to train kids between the age 10 to 18 years on valuable digital literacy skills that can amplify their voices and empower them to engage and contribute meaningfully to the society. 

2022 LifePAD Outline:

This year’s theme will benefit your children in the following areas of digital skills and competencies:

  1. Digital Safety, Privacy, & Security
  1. Digital Search Operations & Usage Guidelines e.g. using Google tools, and social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube for learning.
  1. Digital Emotional  Intelligence
  1. Active Digital Citizenship & Civic Engagement: Netiquette, orientation on civic rights and social responsibilities, Community service, Learning and Advocacy visit.
  1. Digital Creativity: Graphic Design, Photography and Livestreaming, Photo Editing, Video Editing, Writing and Publishing eBook on Amazon, Okada, etc.
  2. Project: Participants shall engage in a project where they get to harness their newly acquired skills to implement a digital awareness campaign on environmental issues and child’s rights.

Deadline for registration: Thursday 18th August 2022


IMPORTANT: To enroll your child(ren), a Commitment Fee of N1,500 per child is compulsory.

To register your child, kindly fill this form (it takes less than 2 minutes to fill).  REGISTRATION FOR 2022 LifePAD Summer Academy

Important Participation Notice:

  1. Lunch will be provided to all participants.
  2. All participants will be given the LifePAD shirts
  3. Parents are responsible for the transport (drop-off and pick-up) of their children/wards.
  4. A maximum of 50 teenagers shall be admitted to the 2022 LifePAD Summer Academy.
  5. Time: 9am to 2pm daily
  6. All the activities planned for the summer academy are within the University of Ibadan, including community service and picnic. The Advocacy visit is proposed to be to either Oyo State House of Assembly, Ministry of Youth and Sports, or Ministry of Education.
  7. The venue for the summer academy is BNI Youth Centre, U&I Building, Opposite Idia Hall, University of Ibadan


Venue for the summer academy is:BNI Youth Centre,


For more information, kindly call Seyi +2348063095330, Kemi: +234 805 249 2887